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Welcome to Fullmetal Brotherhood – the online shop for the fans of ‘The Fullmetal Alchemist’. This iconic anime series based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa became widely known among millions of fans across the world. The readers and viewers loved the unique characters of the story and the intriguing plot. Our online store offers various Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise for real fans. By obtaining these items, you can bring to life the familiar characters and scenes.

Here at our anime shop, you will find all sorts of things a true fan may need. If you want to do some cosplay, this is the right place. We offer different costumes from ‘The Fullmetal Alchemist’. Have you ever wished to dress up as Roy Mustang, the famous Flame Alchemist? Or would you prefer to cosplay one of the homunculi? And of course you can purchase Edward Elric’s outfit. Along with the costumes, you can obtain various anime accessories such as jewellery, and watches, and other items necessary to complete the image of your favorite character.

But being a fan doesn’t necessarily mean doing just cosplay. At our anime shop, you can purchase various T-shirts with the images of your favorite characters and the symbols from the anime. We also offer multiple models of i-phone cases. With our Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise, you can show everyone around your affection towards the famous anime even in your everyday life.

Our online store offers anime accessories of different sorts suiting any Fullmetal Alchemist fan. For many anime lovers, this story has become a very important piece of work. A whole generation of fans consider this anime a must-see because of its unique setting, vivid characters, and a dexterous combination of humor and deep drama. We hope that our Fullmetal Alchemist merchandise will make you happy and can help you in your cosplay and everyday life.

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